We Hear You

We Hear You

“Younger adults are at a greater risk for experiencing depressive symptoms compared to older Latinos.”
We Hear You

We Hear You

“An official report from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2009 that nearly 15% of Hispanic teens had attempted suicide the year before compared to 10% of all city high school girls.”
We Hear You

We Hear You

“Perceived discrimination and depressed emotion are highly linked in Latino adolescents.”
We Hear You

We Hear You

“11% of Hispanic girls across the country admitted a suicide attempt.”


For a lot of people, religion can play an important role in how we understand our world and work through our difficulties in life. For the Latino/a culture, religion is especially important, since it is a basis for some cultural values. For some families, our religion becomes more than something we practice, but also a source of support and a place to receive guidance, advice, and feedback.

Although this can be of great support for us, under some circumstances we might need more than religious resources. For some issues, we might need more specialized help from an individual that is trained to help us with certain things. Though it might feel more comfortable or acceptable to seek out guidance from our clergy, or other religious supports, sometimes we need more than they can offer us – and that’s when we should seek out a professional.

Some concerns or questions about seeking out a professional versus a religious leader can include:

  • If I seek out professional help, does that mean I’m going against my religion?
  • It is difficult for others to accept my religious beliefs, and this is affecting my social relationships. What should I do?
  • At times, I have conflicting thoughts about my religion, and I don’t know if it’s okay to share them. Who can I turn to?

These, among others, are all questions and emotions that we may have when we are in this situation, and that’s why we’re here! We hear you and you are not alone! Questions and feelings like these as well as others are all things that we can talk about with a counselor. Whether you are at school or at a community agency, seeking special time with a counselor gives you a safe space to talk about these things without feeling weird, judged or misunderstood.

To get more information on where to find someone to talk to, click here!

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